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Many thanks to desertfox for this table of information.

    Type Case 2Nxxxx Other NTE NTE Toshiba NEC Motorola Motorola
11-0030 SAE-402       IC CA3086            
11-0044   NPN TO92 2N3565 BC237B 123AP (.6A 75V)          
11-0063 SAE-101 NPN TO3               MJ802
11-0064 SAE-103 NPN TO3 2N6284              
11-0065 SAE-105 NPN TO66 2N6316-100V   331 (15A 100V) 291 (4A 120V)        
11-0066 SAE-107 NPN TO66 no replacement              
11-0066S SAE-107 NPN TO66                
11-0066B   NPN TO66 2N3585   175 (3A 300V)          
11-0068 SAE-9 NPN TO3     388 (16A 250V)   2SD424   MJ21194 (16A 250V) MJ15025 (16A 250V)
11-0069 SAE-202 PNP TO3             MJ4502 MJ21193
11-0070 SAE-204 PNP TO3               MJ11021
11-0071 SAE-206 PNP TO66 2N6313-100V   332 (15A 100V) 292 (4A 120v)        
11-0072 SAE-208 PNP TO66 no replacement              
11-0072B   PNP TO66 2N6213   38 (2A 350V)          
11-0072S SAE-208 PNP TO66                
11-0074 SAE-8 PNP TO3     68 (16A 250V)   2SB554   MJ21193 (16A 250V) MJ15024 (16A 250V)
11-0080A SAE-801 NPN TO202 MPSU06 S-1375 210 (1A 75V) 49 (2A 100V) 2SC4793 (1A 230V) D610    
11-0081 SAE-803 NPN TO92 MPSA42              
11-0083 SAE-902 PNP TO202   MPSU56 189 (2A 80V)          
11-0083A SAE-902 PNP TO202 MPSU56 S-1376 211 (1A 75V) 50 (2A 100V) 2SA1837 (1A 230V) B630    
11-0084 SAE-904 PNP TO92 MPSA92              
11-0117   PNP TO92   BC307B 159+ (1A 80V)          
11-0139 SAE-1 NPN TO3     280 (12A 150V) 87 (10A 250V)        
11-0140 SAE-2 PNP TO3     281 (12A 150V) 88 (10A 250V)        
11-0148   PNP TO220     55 (8A 150V)   2SB595   MJW21192 (8A 150V)  
11-0149   NPN TO220     54 (8A 150V)   2SD525   MJW21191 (8A 150V)  
11-0150   PNP TO220   S-1236 196 (7A 80V) 291 (4A 120V)        
11-0151   NPN TO220   S-1237 197 (7A 80V) 292 (4A 120V)        
    NPN     D610 375 (3A 150V)          
    PNP     B630 398 (2A 300V)          
    NPN     C1583 42 (.1A 50V)          
    PNP     A798 43 (.1A 50V)          
    NPN     C1913 375 (3A 150V)          
    PNP     MPSU56 189 (2A 80V)          
    NPN       188 (2A 80V)          
11-0160           948 (IC)          


Download this table as an Excel spreadsheet

Model 2200 amp bias

    SAE #                   Cross        NTE / ECG
11-0150 or 705 2SB595 55
11-0151 or 701 2SD525 54
11-0083A 2SA913 398
11-0080A 2SC1913 198
11-0044 2N5210 123AP
11-0117 2N5087 159

Model 2200 and 2400 amp  output

    SAE #                   Cross        NTE / ECG
11-0068 2SD424 284
11-0074 2SB554 285


Model 2200 amp

The resistor between the emitters of the 2SD525 and the 2SB595 is 62 ohms

Model 2200 amp

Pins 6 and 11 (channel A) or 7 and 12 (channel B) are the ends of the 2 ohm emitter resistors and can be used to adjust bias.

Model 2200 amp

You can save some time by checking every 1N4148 diode, odds are some are shorted.

Model A501 and X-25A amp

Output Transistors 2SD424 x 6 per channel
2SB554  x 6 per channel
Bias Transistors 2SD845  Q111 & Q11 2SB755   Q112 & Q12

Models 180 & E101 equalizers

11-0160 is a quad op-amp # 4156

Diode 11-0091 is a Fairchild FDH400


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