Wardsweb's Bottlehead S.E.X. Amp Build

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Cut a 9" length of shielded twisted pair. Strip the outer jacket on one end back 5/8", the other end 1/2".
Prep the cable as described in the manual and then twist the black wire and drain together on the 5/8" end.
Clip the drain wire flush to the outer jacket on the 1/2" end.

Using the end stripped back 5/8", insert the twisted black wire and drain into the bottom hole of terminal C1.
The manual says to do this on the back side of the terminal strip - I chose to do this from the front.

Route the cable under terminals 2, 7 and 12. Attach the red wire of the free end (stripped 1/2") to terminal A8.
Attach the black wire to terminal A7. Solder terminals A7 and A8.

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