Wardsweb's Bottlehead S.E.X. Amp Build

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Cut a 6-3/4" length of shielded twisted pair. Strip the outer jacket on one end back 5/8", the other end 1/2".
Prep the cable as described in the manual and then twist the black wire and drain together on the 5/8" end.
Clip the drain wire flush to the outer jacket on the 1/2" end.

Using the end stripped back 5/8", insert the twisted black wire and drain into the bottom hole of terminal C1.
The manual says to do this from the front side of the terminal strip - I chose to do both cables from the front.
Insert the red wire into the bottom holes of C2. Solder both C1 and C2.

Route the cable under terminals 22, 27 and 32.Attach the red wire of the free end (stripped 1/2") to terminal B8.
Attach the black wire to terminal B7. Solder terminals B7 and B8.

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