Voicxe of the Theater

Altec 825 Cabinets


factory originalMaestro

Here are the original A7 cabinets. The Magnificent is on the right.


 Original A7 cabinets in the process of being custom veneered.

side pedistal

This pictures shows the size in relation to my Suzuki Hayabusa.
Note the addition of the pedestal to give them a classic look.

biscuit rabbit cut

I made grills to cover the entire fronts. Here you can see I used biscuits to strengthen the joints.

grill corner finished grill

I also used a rabbit bit in my router to be able to recess the grill cloth.


Completed unit on the left and driver mounted on the right.


The custom crossover with MEGA binding post. I added the knob for easier access to the panel.


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